Battlefield Hardline PS4 Hacks

Battlefield Hardline PS4 Hacks

Check the new Battlefield Hardline Playstation 4 Hacks

Battlefield Hardline PS4 Hacks

The next beta test for online shooter Battlefield Hardline will be available for gamers on all platforms on which to play the game eventually will be. That has Publisher Electronic Arts announced.

When the beta version will be available exactly, is not yet known. It is clear that this version two levels and two game modes. Conquest is an old-fashioned Battlefield mode where players must conquer and hold points in the level, while Hotwire revolves around stealing money-or preventing them.

In Hardline players for a change not in the skin of soldiers, but of police or bank robbers. The game was originally scheduled to come out in 2014, but was moved to the end of March 2015.
The open beta also has no limit on the players to reach level, as such beta’s often do. The test will be available for the pc, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and 4 and One.

The new hacks are now available for the next gen console Playstation 4

Electronic Arts has announced that Battlefield Hardline from 19 March in stores will be. Originally the shooting game, in which the player the role of police officer or thief takes on, this month appear, but the creators have taken extra time to Polish the game. Download the best Battlefield Hardline PS4 Hacks from this trusted website to get you going.

Dead Space-maker Visceral Games is responsible for Battlefield Hardline. The game was created after a conversation between Steve Papoutsis and Karl Magnus Troedsson, the Chief Executive of Battlefield-creator DICE. “I have always been fond on Battlefield and Karl Magnus is a big fan of Dead Space, where I then to worked. We started talking about the various ways we could work together and the ways in which we Battlefield and action games could bring to a different level. Thus, the project has become what eventually arise, “said Papoutsis Battlefield Hardline.

Or Battlefield Hardline is a success, remains just wait and see. The delay was caused by the feedback from players of the beta-test version of the game. This was not particularly well received.


Not war, but the battle between police and criminals is central to the new announced Battlefield Hardline. Electronic Arts has released the first game in the new Battlefield Series officially announced, after the title was leaked yesterday. Battlefield Hardline appears in the autumn.
Dead Space-maker Visceral Games is responsible for the new game. Steve Papoutsis, boss of the studio, late on the site of Electronic Arts know that the idea a number of years ago during an interview with Karl Magnus Troedsson, the Chief Executive of Battlefield-creator DICE.

“I have always been fond on Battlefield and Karl Magnus is a big fan of Dead Space, where I then to worked. We started talking about the various ways we could work together and the ways in which we Battlefield and action games could bring to a different level. Thus, the project has become what eventually arise, “said Papoutsis Battlefield Hardline.

During the upcoming E3 2009 will be announced more details. Probably appears Battlefield Hardline for PlayStation 3 and One 4, Xbox 360, Xbox and pc.

Dying Light Trainers

Dying Light Trainers for PC – Compatible with all versions of the game

Dying Light Trainers
This does not mean that I wegwuif any flaw under the guise “the part of the game”, because Dying Light certainly has problems. So there are some narrative moments that the player expect there is acted very exactly; for example, during the very last mission you have to make some kind of course where you actually make, and there it is no error should climb-and-climbing system equipped to handle. And you have to climb towers a few times at times also a little too much accuracy of your questions, although only three or four times in the entire game; critics who this literally matches with Ubisoft-games you do not take it seriously because that is greatly exaggerated.

Another problem is the lack of clarity around some features. After you’ve played a few story missions, the game a day-and-night cycle, and you want to be in a safe place before dark because the zombie night become stronger, and because there is a different type of zombie walk: the volatile. These rascals are damn tough, do a lot of damage, and they are practically just as quick and agile as you are. at night the game is so terribly difficult, and since you must dodge the volatiles, is there actually a parasitic element added to the game. Now it’s pretty clear that enemies react to sound, but I still have no idea if the light of my flashlight also attracts zombies. Strengthen the experience is fine; lack of clarity around the exact operation of a mechanism in a game that revolves around machine heads, is not great.

List of Dying Light Trainers for PC – Single-player and Co-op

The pc version also has some technical problems, though Dying Light much better finished than Dead Island. The pc version is (on the basis of comparable data and analyses of other sites) is the better version, because when you play the pc version at 1080 p and the frame rate is limited to thirty (like on the console happens) there is a graphic difference in favor of the pc, and this difference you can greatly increase with all sorts of options. But the game stable at sixty frames per second run seemed impossible for me, until a patch was released. For me the problem resolved, but this is not true for everyone and there is apparently still some work to be done by Techland. However, I have really enjoyed (and still enjoys) of Dying Light and all the corny chaos that goes with it. Look no further for the best Dying Light Trainers for PC. It is exactly where I wanted, and that is a great open world zombie game that even better comes into its own when you play with friends.



The new FPS of the moment – Insurgency


Some particle effect compelling, enriching contact with certain materials, bullets cannot make us forget the overall simplicity (structural and polygonal) of maps and characters and an extremely varied texture quality. Different standard, on the other hand, the environmental audio: the already underlined the importance of this aspect within the gameplay is still clearer in the light of goodies such as the ability to listen to instructions and indications of any enemy, provided such player is within a realistic listening area is, making it interesting the scouting of the territory. Very good matchmaking system and consignments available, always keeping the player’s preference and rapid in the throw it in the middle of the fray without any hesitation.

It is undeniable how Insurgency, from simple mod for half-life 2, has come a long way on the path which led to this well deserved promotion titled ‘ ad-hoc ‘. Certainly, the title New World Interactive, has not abandoned the realistic vein that has always distinguished since the beginning, enriching it with new game modes in which teamwork is even more essential. It is precisely in the study of collective strategies, and the satisfaction of finding their companions only after the hard-won achievement of a goal, that give the Insurgency better than if all those players able to switch over to a technical sector honest, but not really next-gen. If this is the type of conflict that you prefer, Insurgency might even return to give you those exciting moments that the FPS of Tri-round struggles to provide for some time.

Lately the mod turned into actual games are going through a period of great fervour and commercial success. Think only DayZ, which has now surpassed one million downloads on Steam despite the alpha stage still very bitter, but also to Insurgency, mod of half-life 2 that in 2007, with the title of Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat, offered a model of highly realistic tactical shooter immediately getting excellent feedback, and several Critics Awards. Seven years after New World Interactive has decided to take the plunge, making the mod of worship a stand alone title, which after a long beta phase you can finally download from Steam to 12.59 euros until 29 January (then the game will cost $ 13.99).

Cheaters and hackers have been taking the game by Storm

Some hacking websites like some hacking tools for insurgency have been sharing tools to hack in-game like aimbots and other automated tools.

Having never played the original mod, I can’t go through the inevitable differences seen that almost seven years have passed, but if the 2007 version was a matter for hardcore gamers and fans of tactical shooter pure and hard, just a little to realize that nothing has changed in 2014 from this side. Before you buy, you indeed know Insurgency that the new effort of New World Interactive is the exact opposite of PvP multiplayer and co-op to which we are accustomed for years with various models of the Battlefield and Call of Duty, where Insurgency is a departure for a thickness chart of minor and technical level (especially compared to Battlefield). The example interface is something really minimalist; There are no indicators for the remaining rounds in the magazine or for health, there is no mini-map on the screen and in fact it is impossible to figure out who has killed and from where the party shot. With one or two bullets in the body you go to another world, there are no health medipacks regenerates automatically and in many servers there is friendly fire setting enabled, which further complicates things.

Fifa 15 Ultimate Team XBOX Hack

Fifa 15 Ultimate Team XBOX Hack

Get the new FIfa 15 Ultimate Team hack for the XBOX with Coin Generator

Fifa 15 Ultimate Team XBOX Hack
The magic is so intuitive and efficient – at least until Bender or Puyol cut in between. When it then crashes in a duel at the press-lay or the straddle in its effect By the way defused, the collisions look more authentic than in the previous year, but there are still enough slapstick and funny, if two players together bounce. This FIFA 14 can make with regard to the general backdrop no step forward, are only A few movements and animations, as was to be expected, on a slightly better level.

As PC gamers you must To give himself By the way satisfied despite more than enough computer power with the, which will be staged at Status quo on PS3 and 360: the innovations of the ignite engine will take place only on the upcoming consoles PS4 and Xbox one. This is Of course annoying. But this engine In fact has a positive effect? Because we know that Not yet, we will evaluate the PC version despite the disappointment over the “old technology” not worse than the console kick.
There is another change in the offensive control away from this allocation change: you can press ahead briefly leading after the Sprint button pressing with the ball, to gain some space more or less on the first meters – this works to old look quite well, a front running Pressingspieler with some timing or in the midfield with Gaekwad or Real Madrid to make some room for the wide pass in the depth. However, there are many situations where this speed push to quickly become or is not precisely executed; there and in general I miss even more explosiveness. This is the best Fut 15 XBOX Hack you will ever find online. With some very useful features that will give you a tremendous advantage.

The second major change concerns the shielding. The now free in the L2 button provides for holding that that can be used the body as a shield, which is then pushes between opponent and the ball – you can hold virtually the Pressingspieler at a distance in a distressed situation, what works well, By the way, if you dribble in the penalty area. This protection sometimes degenerate into locks without the ball, but is important for the balance that you can exert more pressure on the defensive player in FIFA 14, comes A lot better in the two fights. And that brings me to the most important change in the defensive control, which affects the whole feel of the game: you can push more aggressively.

The shot button for that you literally can squeeze leading into a ball, to get the pill provides on the defensive. This works in a longer Sprint duel Very good as a gradual slowdown, with both players change, pushing and harassing. It’s done during full frontal, can put defensive players really well under pressure, perhaps steal the pill and is suddenly alone before the box. Here tarnishing the striker on the Quad chain is simulated well, still A lot for sure could play to the ball in FIFA 13. So more uncertainty and excitement comes up, especially as you can To try again to turn the tables after loss of the ball itself. Under the strokes Very much complement!

What else has happened? The ball physics when the shots improved, but also not as much as it implies “Pure Shot”. Removing noise is rich, the animations in positioning to the shot look natural and the balls settle better. They work harder in the air, keeping it from a distance and No more strange pull in the height. I’m glad also that you can achieve more goals, which also once semi-high crash into the box. Also the snap is now more effective and more varied in its flight paths, so that one in the or at the edge of the box, the goalkeeper with Effet duping can. Only it pops still Very much frequently on latte or post.

Star Wars Commander Cheats

Star Wars Commander Cheats

Working cheats for Star Wars Commander IOS version


Star Wars Commander Cheats
In Star Wars Commander, the game for iphone, ipad and android that we want to talk about Games World Italy today, players who choose to download it play and use vehicles and troops repeatedly admire in the Star Wars films.

We must indeed point out that fidelity to the saga is respected in all respects (including sound effects of lasers and weapons). The main game engine is the single player mode, in which we will be called upon to resolve situations and clashes in different planets as well as to fight against other players.

You can learn how to get free credits in star wars commander with this article. With this app you will be able to usher people in the eternal battle between Star Wars Empire and rebel Alliance, and in addition this Star Wars game allows the user to choose which side to support, you can then manage the troops, buildings, vehicles and weapons typical of the two factions views and made famous by the movie saga created by George Lucas.

For the record and for those interested, it should be noted that the game is already available translated into Italian: requires iOS iPhone 4s and 6 or newer devices. The game is free but there is a shop for in-app purchases, course fee.

The rumor about Star Wars Episode VII directed by JJ Abrams continues: it seems that the Director and her entourage are hard to keep closed the lid of the Pan (film) warmer at the moment. And the most awaited film of 2016 – the Christmas release date 2015 may be moved because of the broken leg of Harrison Ford – clash royale cheats has fewer secrets.

The latest news about some possible details of the plot: at the beginning of the film the two characters from the identity not yet chiara (interpreted by Daisy Ridley and John Boyega) trovererebbero a severed hand holding a light saber. This hand, it is not clear whether Android or human, should belong to Luke Skywalker. At this point we should understand that the story takes place 30 years after the last conflict between the Jedi Knight and his father Darth Vader, following characters like Han Solo and Chewbacca looking just Skywalker.

Interesting, no? Definitely a perfect beginning to warm the hearts of fans of the saga. Admitted that it is not just gossip.

Meanwhile this afternoon showed a video in which its new J.j. Abrams show, with a certain pride, an X-Wing fighter. Here it is up to you:



Warface Hack

Warface Hack

This is the perfect Warface Hack to use online – Ultimate Tool

Warface Hack

Crytek has announced two new game modes for its online shooter Warface: Tower RAID, in which a skyscraper floor by floor must be conquered and conquest, a modified capture-the-flag Variant.  This Warface Hack will make the difference between owning or getting owned.

«The online shooter Warface by the German Developer Crytek get bought soon two new game modes: A cooperative Tower RAID mode and a modified variant of the well-known» capture the flag «.»
Tower RAID it is according to the developer team, a co-op mission, where up to five Warface agents enter a skyscraper and is heavy Blackwood associations contrary to – be including new enemies and a final boss. At the top of the building is a very special reward also.

The» capture the flag «inspired conquest mode which can compete on two teams. Fought is a suitcase with launch codes for a nuclear warhead: while the attackers must bring the target object in itself and in its own base, it is the task of the Defender, just that projects to prevent them.
When the new content for Warface should be made available, is still unclear. There are more details about the patch content on

Crytek has announced two new game modes for its online shooter Warface: Tower RAID, in which a skyscraper floor by floor must be conquered and conquest, a modified capture-the-flag Variant.

«The online shooter Warface by the German Developer Crytek get bought soon two new game modes: A cooperative Tower RAID mode and a modified variant of the well-known» capture the flag «.»
Tower RAID it is according to the developer team, a co-op mission, where up to five Warface agents enter a skyscraper and is heavy Blackwood associations contrary to – be including new enemies and a final boss. At the top of the building is a very special reward also. This is not simply a cheating tool, this is way to achieve greatness.

The» capture the flag «inspired conquest mode which can compete on two teams. Fought is a suitcase with launch codes for a nuclear warhead: while the attackers must bring the target object in itself and in its own base, it is the task of the Defender, just that projects to prevent them.
When the new content for Warface should be made available, is still unclear. There are more details about the patch content on

The final launch date for the Free2Play shooter Warface in Europe is now clear. After several months in the beta phase, the action game from Crytek will be officially on October 21, 2013 at the start. This was announced by the developer now in a press release.

If you with want to be equal at the start of the game, you can now register on the official website of Warface. You will also find on from immediately a new trailer showing many gameplay scenes – including firefights.
Warface is a free military shooter that operates (2023) in the near future. The game features both (co-op) missions against AI opponents as also a classic multiplayer mode with four classes (sniper, assault, engineer and Medic). The technique is based on the current CryENGINE 3. The game runs successfully in Russia, soon are Europe, the United States, Asia, and Australia.

The new female characters in the Free2Play shooter Warface are conspicuously scarce dressed than their male counterparts. Joshua Howard founded the clothing differences in an interview by the developer Crytek with regional and cultural preferences.

Powerful Hacks for Call of Duty Ghosts

Powerful Hacks for Call of Duty Ghosts

Get the most advanced hack tool for Cod Ghosts

Powerful Hacks for Call of Duty Ghosts

Here each team competes with other same level and try to take first place in each mode on the map, in order to earn in-game rewards. The statistics are reset every week, and each team is confronted with other alliances from around the world. A small revamp was also in perks, where most classes are presented with another name, but the choice of perks is slightly different because of the points that we need everyone. Imagine it as the points you had to spend in each class of Call of Duty: Black Ops II to lectures.

Continuing, the return of Strike Packages were expected and the well-known distinction in Assault, Support and Specialist is here himself. Apart from the addition of Clan Wars, their appearance make new modes such as the Grind, the Blitz, Cranked and Search & Rescue, which is sure to arouse the interest of many players. One not-so-important addition is their Squads mode, which-as the name suggests-enables six players to compete with another group the same number of members. Get the undetectable hacks for cod ghosts for free and impress your friends with tremendous skills.

Of course, the most simple question that can make someone, is why anyone would prefer their Squads mode from the Clan Wars. The truth is that there is no one specific reason to prefer one mode their Squads, but imagine how it will be a very good field training for new clients in the multiplayer portion of the series. Overall, the multiplayer in Call of Duty: Ghosts are in fact an integrated multiplayer experience and someone who loves to play online with his friends, then only a winner can emerge from this. The thought of the writer before writing the review, was how big will come out the bit about the multiplayer.

With one quick thought though, it makes no sense to go into further details, because the original Call of Duty experience who have met in the last five years is once again here. Quite simply, how much you enjoy the multiplayer portion of the game depends on how you get bored playing the same gameplay mechanics.

Maybe Call of Duty: Ghosts to had managed to impress us even more if the graphics of the next-gen version of the game showed greater improvements in terms of textures, particle effects and the draw distance. The truth is that versions for next-generation systems are clearly superior to those of the Xbox 360 and PS3 (in the event we tested the game on the PS4, Xbox, PS3 and Xbox 360), after shows like running on a high end PC, but what we have seen is not able to fully justify the transition to the new generation.

Overall, it may not have been impressed as we would like, but the new Pixar technology that integrates the Call of Duty: Ghosts certainly elevates the whole experience a step above. Essentially, the OpenSubdiv technology allows increasing the quality of models while the player is coming more and more to them. Such technologies are important for console gamers and the new generation is a very good time to integrate. Undoubtedly however, Call of Duty: Ghosts shows beautiful in all versions, with some moments in the campaign to impress.

black ops 2 hacks

Black Ops 2 Hack Tools

Where to find the best free Tools to Hack Black Ops 2 Online

black ops 2 hacks

Perhaps the biggest trump card in the series Call of Duty is the multiplayer. Treyarch did not hesitate to risk, giving more choices and balancing even more things. All the modes that have met all these years are here, such as Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Search and Destroy, Kill, and Confirmed the hardcore versions. One of the most powerful additions is the choice for battles between four teams of three people each, which, in addition to completely new, is incredibly entertaining and gives a fresh air in the series. Also, another new mode is the Hardpoint, in which you must master certain points on the map and keep it for as much as you can, earning extra points. I could not leave out the new scoring system, which encourages a more “strategic” approach to the game. So forget the kill streaks and know the score streaks, as the antameibes does not depend on the kills/deaths, but by points, with each game has its own “requirements”. Searching for this kind of free Black Ops 2 Hacks its no easy task and can be quite time consuming.

And upgrades at classes, with the new system of 10 options. Each weapon, accessory, grenade or perk, occupies one of the top 10 positions available, so you can create your own class, choosing that want you. Also, with the Wild Cards you can completely change the data, having two main weapons or up to six perks. The system Pick 10 works great and helps to make some more “personal” and unique classes. The perks anymore clearly and only affect your character, with accessories to determine the ratings of weapons. Finally, if you do not want to miss your classes and this prevents you from making Prestige (10 in total), the Black Ops 2 turns out from the predicament. At every startup new Prestige you get a token, with which you can unlock any item you want, regardless of level, and make it yours forever, without having to take it to the next Prestige. Also, there is a token, and the Prestige with which you can either unlock one extra seat to create a new class, or simply to erase all your character’s stats, some players are already complaining about some suspicious users using hacks for the newly released black ops 3.

If you’re not familiar with previous titles in the series or you have not dealt so far with the multiplayer, there is the Combat Training, in which experiencing AI bots in the multiplayer maps in order to learn all the parts. Your character climbs normally and your XP and later transferred in multiplayer. You can also compete with or against up to four of your friends on one console, or together with a friend online. If you want to play with your team and become number one, there is the option of League Play, in which you can play with your team and promoted all together, with all the “goodies” unlocked until you reach the level of other teams and compete against them. Finally, if you want to share your match, CoD Casting and Streaming enable direct uploading but continuous video surveillance both in your console, and into your Youtube account.

clash of clans cheats

Clash of Clans Cheats for Iphone

Cheats Clans Clash: Strategy for Android and iPhone Guide

clash of clans cheats

Yesterday I talked about Clans Clash, a game of strategy and resource management for iOS and Android which is reaping a tremendous success. I imagine that many of you already jugaríais, and it is possible that many more, attracted by the song of the siren of the word “free”, you’ve decided to play now that news has become. As for all of you (although most people start, the truth) is this Clash of Clans strategy guide.

First thing is first. This is a management game, and therefore the most important thing is to know properly manage our resources. And what is the most valuable resource of which we will have? Interestingly, it is the human. Specifically, the builders. Let me explain: the manufacturer booths are expensive (only to be bought with green gems) and extremely important in the game, mostly because as we go forward some constructions will they take enough days, and have more workers will directly involve our village will grow faster. So save your green gems, children, you are going to need all the constructors that you can maintain.

Then, of course, there are gold (which serves mainly to make defenses and improve them) and the elixir (which creates, improves and maintains our army). In the first bars of the game (say the first month, because in reality the game is always the same) the gold is much more important. So we will do well to improve our mines of gold before our elixir extractors, and have them, in general, a level or two above these. This will allow us to build solid defenses and protect our resources. No point in us having a powerful military and stealing resources to other villages if we are not able to stop them when they come to take his revenge.

Eventually, of course, the elixir will be becoming an increasingly valuable resource, especially when we build the lab that will allow us to improve our troops in Exchange for large quantities of this material. If someone is asking you: Yes, improve our troops is definitely worthwhile, provided we can afford what it costs. Our troops die in every battle, but the improvements are forever.

Advanced Strategies

Later, in the middle of the game, will have access to a new resource: the dark elixir. This will allow us to build even more powerful troops (some of them obscenely expensive) and a King and Queen barbarians, who are heroes to attack and defend our village, and that they are immortal (although they may end up tired after a battle, with what will have to rest). I guess that you don’t have to say that, insofar as we are able to produce it, the dark elixir must become our top priority. There are cheats and hacks for clash of clans on if you don’t care about strategy or spending thousands of hours trying to learn the game.

Many of them that you’re starting plantearéis you how to organize the defense? Simply go by placing towers of archers and cannons more or less at random, and wait to do their work? Obviously, not. In general, we can create several categories of importance of buildings to protect them:

  1. The stores of resources. They have to be at the heart of our village, protected by one or more walls and surrounded by defensive structures. Obviously, most of our resources are stored here.
  2. Mortars and air defenses. It is always convenient to have them as close to the Center as possible. In the case of mortar, because porque hace does damage area and it is always recommended to keep it intact as long as possible, and also can not shoot the boxes directly adjacent to it. And in the case of air defenses… When you start attacking with healing and Dragons will understand the importance. Later also the X-Ballesta and Inferno towers could be included in this category.
  3. the rest of active defenses. Towers arqueras, cannons, etc. They should be surrounding all of the above, and if possible, surrounded in turn by another wall.
  4. Mines and extractors of elixir. Although our first impulse will be to protect our mines, it is preferable to protect our active defenses. If they fall, mines have been left helpless and will be similarly looted.
  5. The other buildings. Barracks, the laboratory, the spells etc. not have any kind of defensive value, and we can put them where we want. Preferably somewhere where hinder access to the troops enemy buildings that save resources.

When placing walls, there are many schools and keep in mind that it is basically a matter of taste. To me, personally, I like to organize it by circles, and is a technique that certainly works: an inner circle in which stores, mortars and air defenses are saved, another exterior that protects other defenses and, if we can build enough walls, a third circle that protects the mines (especially the dark elixir extractors).

In terms of placement of traps, opinions are very divided. There are players who opt to leave an entry to its village littered with traps, and others who prefer to leave it walled in full, in order to slow down enemy troops while our cannons shoot them. What the most effective? Because it largely depends on what troops from attacking us and from where, factors that we can obviously not choose us, so you may actually have to taste of the player. It is worth testing various defensive combinations until we find one that satisfies us.

And what about the City Council? Isn’t it there to protect it? Because, in reality, it depends. The destruction of our City Hall will always to lose the battle, even if the enemy does not destroy any other building. This, of course, will we lose “cups” (ranking points), which we will place in a lower category. Now, it also make to activate us a shield that will prevent new attacks for 8 hours. As well, especially if we have many saved resources because we’re saving for something expensive, I recommend to leave our city out of the walls. It is almost always preferable to lose points that lose resources.

The Defensive aspect of the game

Another important factor in the defense of our village is the castle of the clan, that active defense in place it should be considered. It is important that we are part of a clan and have the castle of the clan at the highest possible level, because the troops that we donate our fellow desvivirán to protect our village (on the contrary, by ridiculous to be, than our own). It is also important to remember to donate whenever possible to colleagues who need it, because if not, nobody will remember us when we require help. You should learn some good defensive strategies first and then focus on learning how to attack properly.

And at the time of attack? Because it depends on at what time of the game ourselves. At the beginning, we will have to settle for the barbarians and the arqueras. As soon as you have rompemuros and Giants (our first specialized troops) battles will be a little more strategic. We will have to launch the rompemuros against the walls while we distracted the attention of defenses with other units (for example, giant). Later, the Giants invade defenses enemy. It is always convenient to have some arqueras as reinforcement for the Giants, and since then a handful of sprites are tremendously useful to plunder (remember that Giants not steal resources while remaining defenses in foot).

Once we have more advanced troops, we will join our army the healing, that will be a big difference. A group of Giants escorted by two or three healing can make their way through virtually any strength in bars media from the game. More you overtake, dragons, the P.E.K.K.A. and the troops created with dark elixir will lead to new strategies… but I’ll leave that for another time, in a more advanced guide.