The new TitanFall Aimbot

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There are already players hacking and using cheats to exploit the game – TitanFall Hacks

The new TitanFall Aimbot
In the duel between the One the PS4, Microsoft Xbox, with to lieutenant EA, deploys in this month of March a major weapon of those sounding the true beginning of the war of the consoles: Titanfall. Also available on PC (version Xbox 360 remaining invisible far…), the title of the fathers of Call of Duty, insurgent of Activision and now reunited at Respawn Entertainment, we had made a strong impression at the Gamescom and had consolidated all the while thought with its beta. But in its final version, Titanfall is really a giant? A new kind of hack was already released with many features such as the wall hack and the aimbot.

If you have had the chance to play the beta of Titanfall on Xbox One and PC, you have indeed a very good vision for the title in its final version. Modes “Hardpoint Domination” (defence and capture of areas on the map), “Attrition” (on bute everything that moves) and “Last Titan Standing” (the battle stops only when there is a single Titan in game), compounded by “Pilot Hunter” modes (part stops once the latest driver / eliminated infantryman) and “Capture the Flag” (are stung the flag in the opposing camp back in his and vice versa). Five game modes and thats it (whose two together in campaign mode, we return below), which are fairly conventional confrontations FPS exclusively multi and online, but that still take their PIN of the (video) game really departing in the form.

Let me Karami vibe with my MS

Because with the game modes it offers, if Titanfall can give the impression of déjà vu, joystick in hand the feeling is quite different. Frankly impressive visually on Xbox One (792p max) or on PC (where it is of even graphically more thin and suffers less falls of frame-rate on console), Titanfall part of these games which one cannot judge the quality and as an actor, and it is real.

After having used his jet pack, jumped on the Faith in Mirror’s Edge as walls, worn to an optical camouflage, a radar that allows limited and more or less accurately detect the enemies through walls, after the frenzy of a nuclear several battle Mecha or even after playing the ninjas to hack these same giant robots, how can we get back on Call of Duty: Ghosts or Battlefield 4 without feeling a bit clumsy? Your torrents of arguments are already reading in the comments, and if the quality of multi CoD or Battlefield are not questioning, it especially here to pay tribute to Respawn, who manages with Titanfall to offer a new way of playing, ultra dynamic, with a great pace of game, mechas that fall from the sky every two minutes, and never be out of breath.

If we can think at first glance that the mecha is an ultimate weapon, there is nothing: the balance of play between the various factions is excellent. Once seated in your Titan, nothing ensures your victory, the infantry that can jucher on your mecha, and déglinguer it. Whatever your requirement, you will be in one way or another formidable. The MOBA (IA troops out, the turrets to hack…) buttons to each of fun in its own way, at any level, making it the parties always too short, for everyone. And as in life, when it is not time passing, it is rather good sign.

Hearthstone Guide

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The Ultimate Strategy Guide for Hearthstone – Arena Included

A few months ago Blizzard announced during the PAX East in Boston the next game of epic proportions that it would mark his entrance into the Free-To-Play model, we are talking about HearthStone: Heroes Of Warcraft.

The basic idea and HearthStone general belongs to the card games that we currently know as in Magic: The Gathering, ShadowEra, Yu-Gi-Oh, among others, where the objective of the game is to defeat your opponent using your deck in an intelligent manner. In the particular case of this game and one of the differences with the other usual card games mentioned above, it is here you can use a hero, each with a different skill. In addition, each hero gives you access to some different cards, so you will be prompted to create different harnesses for different strategies.

Hearthstone Guide

The VGEzone team had the chance to try the game and something that caught us attention was that it is a really easy to learn to play, even people not this acostrumbrada to the Trading Card Game (collectible card game) find it very attractive but above all very fun and addictive. It is by the afore-mentioned that Blizzard will seek also release this installment on iPad.

At Hearthstone, as we mentioned, you have aimed at defeating your opponent’s hero to the lowering of their 30 points of life; to achieve this, you’ll make use of the cards in your hand. As in any card game, each shift shall steal a letter. The resource to download a letter Board is magic or mana, which regenerates and increases in each turn (maximum will have available 10 Manas). All the cards have different magic, the more magic costs, more powerful will be.

There are cards that will be your only weapon at the start, but as you go through time, while the game progresses, you could get one as the terrible Deathwing, capable of killing all the enemy troops.

hearthstone cards

In the Hearthstone beta, you can play in different modes:

Play: It is the first part of this beta in which you face missions to enemies who are increasing their level of difficulty, the latter is really a problem, but when you finally manage to defeat him, you will learn several things that you can deal with in the future and ensure your victories.

It is noteworthy that in this way you can obtain a classification, so to speak rate, which increased in shape that you are improving your victories over your defeats, currently not are defined completely medals and they only last a week for what they have seen. Check the new and improved Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft Guide to develop  your skills and become a much better player.

Practice: Here you can train against the artificial intelligence, which presents different difficulty from beginner to expert, you can go up in level, which will give you the possibility of obtaining best cards with attacks or more powerful healings and every enemy that you’re defeating is unlocked so you can use it later.

Arena: This mode is unlockable once you’ve obtained all the heroes, here is where comes the most customization of your decks, especially since it is a level more competitive here join in battle with other players to obtain rewards. You can use gold collected in the game or real money to be able to enter the field of battle, and after winning a number of battles a chest opens with rewards based on good was your performance.

hearthstone menu

And not because Hearthstone was created by Blizzard means that you need to have knowledge of World Of Warcraft, only this inspired in him, so it is not necessary to know anything about WoW, however fans will realize that the cards have a similarity to some characters from the same game skills and that even boards, which are interactiveare located on Pandaria, Orgrimmar, Stormwind, etc.

The strategy to play Hearthstone is not so complex to understand, but if you can get to be very deep, allowing that the casual meetings are carried out with adequate fluidity. It is assumed that each duel should not last more than 10 or 15 minutes, just like a dear, for there is no timer, but depending on the skill of the opponent, it can become a game of chess.

Something that pleased us very much was the graphical interface that designed Blizzard, and one of its features is that it allows the player to remember what happens in the game; for example, if you heal someone, you’ll know immediately, or if a card is powerful enough to kill attacking her, a skull you will notice before making the decision, you can even tell if the opponent does not know to whom to attack and is doubtful.

As we mentioned at the beginning, not only your cards do harm, the heroes at the same time possess special skills; for example, Garrosh has bonuses to defense, Uther the Lightbringer may call allies to the field, while Jaina can launch a direct attack. All these actions have specific animations and icons.

Even left side we have a register of letters used, so can give us an idea that letters could use our adversary or even if it has already made use of some in specified.

hearthstone gameplay

You will be able to create different decks of cards, so each player can have the freedom to create your own strategy and use the deck that suits you. This part do in the Collection Manager section a mode within the game that allows to create, save and edit multiple decks depending on what you need.

Basic letters are those which are obtained immediately after choosing a hero in particular, and you get to level up your character. There are different types of cards in the world, spells, weapons, minions. Only expert charts can be found in packages, created by the system of crafteo (where eliminating cards that you do not serve to create more).

There are also different levels of rarity listed for a gem. Blue (common) white (rare), epic (purple) or legendary (orange).


hearthstone deck building
Being a free to play model, it will come loaded with a series of transactions to obtain new cards packs. You can also get sachets with 5 letters each redeeming gold you get in the game.


Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft ends by being a very addictive card game where you have to use your luck in combination with strategic and tactical skills to take forward your duels. And you don’t need to be an expert of Warcraft to enjoy the game.

So if you want to participate in the beta they can register on in what we hope for the arrival of the full game. The development team is working hard to have it ready this year and also launch the iPad version before the end of the 2013.

Call of Duty Ghosts Hacks

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Hackers dominating the lobbies with powerful Cod Ghosts Hacks

call o duty ghosts hacks

How to beat the hacks and cheats that infest our beloved lobbies ? Infinity Ward has released unintentionally first information about the upcoming add-on content for call of duty ghosts. So, about the names of the cards for the first DLC have become known. With dome is also a returnee who could already be played in modern warfare 3.

A mistake by Infinity Ward has now meant that it first details about the next add-on content for call of duty: ghosts are. The information comes from the PC patch notes on names of maps and game modes is found. So, there will be two new maps for the new extinction mode that are named but with level 2 and level 3. Moreover, lists the following map title: swamp, battery, rumble, dome, Boneyard, Gaza, comp and Red River.

Especially the map dome ensures attention, because such a name has already occurred in modern warfare 3 used. It may, therefore, be assumed that it is a remake. A total of four Mappacks are planned for call of duty ghosts. As usual can them individually or via season pass purchase. Exact release dates are not known. The Xbox one is supplied but again time exclusively.

Dealing With the Undetectable Hacks

All-clear for all future owners of the PS4 (or not). Activision has now opted to Word and pushed the problem on a “configuration error”.
“There was a problem with the configuration in the paid version that has impacted only on the single-player mode. We have the problem with a ‘Day One’-fixed update. The people are can download this update on the launch day of the PS4 and play then the single-player mode in native 1080 p.”
Without ‘Day One’-update runs the campaign only in 720 p, which will be upscaled. This applies to even the menu, the interface and the tea ring. There are sites like where you can download free Call of Duty Ghosts Hacks and they are spreading like fire.
Thus one can assume then again, that runs the PS4 version both in single player and the multiplayer mode in 1080 p.

Original message:
The Xbox one’-version of call of duty: ghosts to reports after the Xbox one in multiplayer smoother running than on the PS4. Much more surprising, however, is the discovery that even the single-player mode on the PS4 in 720 p will run


Fighting cheaters with fire – The Ban Hammer

That the PS4 version of call of duty: in multiplayer mode to fight ghosts in places with frame rate degradation, was known for some time. Seemingly upscaling is probably a better alternative, because as you know, running the version on the Xbox one only in 720 p, which then are upscaled to 1080, instead of natively on the PS4 in 1080 p. The PS4 scores but with sharper textures and a higher resolution, for the Xbox one has can be pivotal moments the advantage that it not be frame rate degradation – in multiplayer mode.
It says Infinity Ward am already working on a patch for the PS4 release, to fix the frame rate drops. But something can be then but not with a patch fix – the resolution. And you want to run reports that, even in the single-player mode of the PS4 only in 720 p. As users of NeoGAF and Beyond3D report, there will be only so little difference between the campaigns of both consoles, because both have the same resolution…

Pro Dota 2 Review

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Today we will be review the acclaimed DOTA 2 Game

Dota 2 has perfected this experiment and it ensures that no game is the same and players actually can choose its own strategy. That’s with the big competitor League of Legends often different, because it involves actually a perfect play style is that everyone is trying to keep. Each hero has his own strategy and that makes it accessible, but at the same time less intuitive and slightly boring. In Dota 2 there is no perfect style and helps teams much more experimentation and even with, on paper, weaker team win by creative to deal with objects and insights. If you are thinking about getting better at dota you should consider checking out the new Dota 2 Guide for beginners.


dota 2 guides

That experiment starts with selecting a team. It makes sense to always have a tank. Just like that the slim seems to be a hero who later all that much damage in your team. Maarr not necessarily. You can go for the fast attack and bring down all the towers as soon as possible with good pushers, but failing that, then it is called a danger for later in the game. Also can we choose to close to your base at the beginning and you focus on maximum damage at the end of a game. You do not in any case to hold to a particular strategy and thanks to ingame game guides from dozens of other players you become motivated to deviate from the standard. And right there is the power of Dota, and part two motivates and accentuates this extra. This game is really from the competition.


Changes and extras

But is it really completely without innovations Dota 2? For the layman looks like it might be only on a graphics update, but people who have played the first part many will find that it just what feels different. For example, the game is faster and plays thereby more on intuition and responsiveness. Also the distance of attacks is larger and less logical. This is definitely getting used to if you are using a different moba are used to. A third change is the folder. In essence it is the same game card, but by subtle changes of places and walking routes in the beginning it feels crazy. It may seem little, but experienced players who still know the original Dota, will have to turn it off.

Furthermore, there are no major changes in the area of gameplay. There are missing even a number of heroes, like the legendary Goblin Techies (who call themselves blow up). Extras you should especially search in the field of aesthetic issues such as new packages, swords and her lectures. Although the game is free, you have to pay some money for the really beautiful stuff. This does not affect the gameplay, but it looks really cool, of course. Players can also design suggesting through Steam Workshop and this results in sometimes bizarre creations on. very nice to see that players already do this on a massive scale and that Valve, just like with the game guides, the fans involved in the game well.

Cs Go Hacks for all Tastes

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Counter-Strike global offensive flooded with hundreds of private hacks

When Global Offensive with us came in, we could not wriggle out: that had to be reviewed by Tjeerd. The man tires us for centuries with unlikely stories about a Grand counter-strike career in a distant past. Hopefully will get this remake’m effe silent. Global Offensive hacks are becoming a real problem with sites like sharing private cs go hacks for free for anyone to download giving cheaters and hackers more options to ruin the game for the legit players.

free global offensive hacks


Dying is cunt. And then I put it in this case is not about your grandma or your cat that with a beautiful band daily endeavor in his neck on the asphalt is gloating; No, I am referring, of course, to die in games.

In counter-strike is dead, because in other games than even fast respawn kutter is not there in this teambased multiplayer shooter. Death is death, and that makes the game just as irritating as it is brilliant. Learning from your death is not hip and it’s actually not more of this time to this type of game to draw a mainstream audience. Yet does counter-strike it; without XP, killstreaks, unlockable weapons and perks.

Shiny balls

The game is snappy, the learning curve is high, which is just as well, because counter-strike revolves around skills and tactics. You cannot invoke or get benefits by helicopters perks. It is by biting if you go for the fourth time in the same spot a bullet should heads and then two minutes to spend through the eyes of your teammates, but you learn that you must be efficient on your life and well need to think about what you do during a round. And you bet your balls go glow of pride after you’ve rolled up a team, simply by thinking, well to position and accurately aim.


CS: Global Offensive is a remake of the original from 2000 and it is to note that Valve not too many wanted to piss on the soul of the conservative fans. Rightly so, because the original is still the most played shooter on Steam!
However, Valve there is a new fashion tucked in, Arsenal, which consists of the components Arms Race and Demolition. In both parts you play a gun game, where you get after each kill a new weapon. The interesting thing is that you don’t start with the worst weapons, but rather reach the handguns and finally a knife. The one with his knife that last kill, decided the game. It is extremely entertaining, and since you can immediately respawn, this component is very suitable for a 15-uncomplicated fun.

Of course, you can still have your ordinary jars play on classic maps, some of which have gotten a few slight adjustments that the balance often. You now have the choice of the decoy grenade and a molotov cocktail that can be useful for your tactics.



Vliegende beren

Maar niet alle veranderingen zijn zo logisch. Zo zijn er acht nieuwe wapens die gelijkwaardige exemplaren hebben vervangen, wat mij net zo nuttig lijkt als poepkleurig wc-papier. Sterker nog, ze hebben de op- en afdraaibare demper weggehaald, een van de leukste wapenfeatures! Sorry Valve, maar dat is niet okay! Verder hebben ze in bijna alle maps een mistbank opgetrokken, zelfs in een fucking kantoorgebouw! Ja natuurlijk, mist in een gebouw! Als je dan toch bezig bent, waarom stop je er dan geen vliegende roze beren in?

Maar alles is vergeten als je de game speelt en het gevoel krijgt alsof je je ballen net in een bak met dons hebt gelegd. Dan weet je gewoon dat het goed zit.

How to Play Dota 2 Beginner’s Guide

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Dota 2 Strategies and Guides

Many beginners in dota 2 are wondering when to begin when and how to begin playing Dota 2. You can start learning how to play Dota 2 like a pro with the new and improved Dota 2 Guide, please check the official website and become a master.

dota 2 guides
Last hits are obtained primarily by positioning. We need good judges of the whole thing, if we load an opponent want hitten without getting hit himself. For the NPC, the priority is “The enemies are attacking Allied Heroes”, then “opponents are attacking him/herself” and then “opponents, who are closest to him”.

Last Hitting & denying & suppression,

Beginners may be somewhat confused: they position themselves and the enemy position themselves also. The consumption rate of creeps on both sides is almost the same. If a last will hitten, it can not be denied. What is the best choice? If money is missing someone, he must last hut. This hero must be a carry that has no good active ability for money to farms, but has a high demand for equipment.

If someone needs not much money, the opponent but needed a lot of XP, it must refuse. Usually the most Mages can do this. You have to do this even if the opponent is a level 6 Mage with Ult what can cause a high damage.

Other Important Strategies

1. Each Dotaspieler must keep his eyes and ears open. You have to notice of pain and anti – Mage not the blink sound effect by Queen. However, you should notice on the minimap running the red point you to.

2. Last hitting and control of the lane: controlling the lane belongs to the tactics with strong attention, what is an aspect of the load Hittens. Push the lane not to the opposing Tower, otherwise the opponent could easily get on XP.

3. As also requested last hitten skill and experience. Practice makes perfect.

The enchantress (Aiushtha) in DOTA2 is a champion with a very pretty look and unique abilities. Most opponents will not know what to do, when they are attacked by such a beauty.

Let me now introduce the special features of the sorceress.

1. Your illusions can apply also untouchable.

2. Enchant works with illusions of the opponent and brings them in their control.

3. WISPs that are summoned by nature’s attendants, heal nearby units still for 10 seconds, even after the death of the sorceress.

4. Impetus placed an enchantment every attack activity. It is attached depending on the distance of the opponent’s collateral damage. The border until the damage is dealt, located at 2500 distance. Schadenscap: 375 / 500 / 625.

5. After you have equipped yourself with Aghanim’s scepter, the attack range of the sorceress is 715, further than the attack range of the defensive Tower (700).

6. The sorceress has a visibility range of 1800 both day and night.




The Best League of Legends Builds

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The Complexity of League of Legends – Builds, Champions and The importance of lol guides


After 3 years of patches with new champions, items, skills, game modes and graphics improvements, League of Legends has been consolidated as the absolute King not only of the MOBA, but online gaming. It is time to review the evolution of the game, and see if the Riot is prepared to also fight with what is coming. To learn how to play like a professional player you should take a closer look into one of the best league of legends guides available; check the new Lol Guide at to improve your gameplay and overall skill level.

league of legends builds

The Moba Champion

If an unknown number to become the most played game in the world. We can’t think of a better argument justifying the return to enter today into the map of League of Legends to Reanalyze, now with more perspective of what we really have here, the greater phenomenon of videojueguil of the moment for any platform. Launched as a simple clone evolved from the veteran mod Dota to Warcraft 3 about 3 years ago, Riot has been update, improve and expand the possibilities of their self-styled ‘MOBA’ (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) to become the King of games online to the length and breadth of the world. What is success? Is it justified? It will survive what is to come in a booming genre? See it.

As we said, League of Legends was conceived as the spiritual heir of the first Dota, the real father of the genre (not counting with the Aeon of Strife for Starcraft map). The title was designed by some of the members who developed this mod (although stayed along the guru of the genre, “Icefrog”, absolute leader in the development of Dota 2 with Valve), and his idea was that the adapted the mechanics of the original title to a scenario much more friendly and accessible. Of the MOBA may be one of the most complex, deep and competitive genres of many can be found on the market, and Riot would be that able to play League of Legends meet both the public “hardcore” and “casual”, ending with the wall of frustration that normally have to back to the last group who have tried to get into these types of games with products like Heroes of Newerth or the own Dotamuch more demanding in the field playable.

For which they have not never played to a MOBA, the goal is simple: embody a champion which, with the help of other 4 controlled by peers, is part of a team that fought against 5 opponents with the sole purpose of destroying his main base, while the opposing team tries to put an end to our. That simple equation, obviously, variables and nuances, that enrich the experience of game lacking. Map where the Games take place is symmetrical to one and other equipment, and is composed of three main roads (top, mid and bot) that connect one base with the other and in which we develop our champion to base to kill opponents of the opposing team, defence towers that hinder us our progress towards the base (minions) CPU-controlled enemies and enemy, as well as several areas of dense jungle that offer an alternative way to progress throughout the game. As champions, and before you have a chance to destroy enemy base, we must level up to improve our skills (in the case of League of Legends each champion has 4, the latest being the most deadly of all, in addition to its own passive and additional two to choose shared among all), statistics and team with the experience and gold we get at the end of the previously mentioned objectives. Broadly speaking, this is League of Legends, and virtually any other title of the genre.

league of legends champions

It may seem surprising that a simple concept may have become the phenomenon that it is today, and the reason is that, behind this simple formula, lies much more. There are more than 100 different champions, all different from each other, and taking into account that every champion has its own characteristics, skills and role within the field of battle, in a competitive scenario online possibilities are almost endless. All stand out in a particular function and lack of potential in another, and there is where it enters the game team with the other colleagues. Suitable for combat champions there are self-sufficient enough body to body, specialists in the use of magic, damage-resistant or experts in the murder, but none of them is, despite the redundancy, to not need the virtues of his companions to alleviate its shortcomings. Teamwork is vital, and the rest-affects not only the error of one, they alter the course of the game and decant the balance towards one side or the other can be. If we are charged with maintaining a line and we are not able to stop the rush of the enemy, the Defense towers will fall, and the opposing team will be approaching our base for that flank, forcing us to defend it and therefore, leaving other less protected access roads during the process. As we play games will also learning about the so-called “goal-game that is quite defined in League of Legends,”: 1 champion to the top line, 1 in the del medio, 2 on the bottom and a last hanging around all while focusing on level up killing the enemies controlled by the machine that is distributed in the jungles.

Starcraft 2 Heart of the Swarm Guides

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The best Heart of the Swarm Strategy Guide

From the outside, Heart of the Swarm may seem a simple expansion to that celebrated strategy game released three years ago that so much furor rises among Korean players. From the inside, and above all from the point of view of amateur, say middle level, rather than an expansion, this second part of the triptych StarCraft 2 are two games, both very good and very different. Check the official website to find more builds and strategies, you can find the new shokz Heart of the Swarm Guide here .

heart of the swarm guides

Is it possible that by its condition of not being a standalone expansion, i.e. you must have Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty original to play this new delivery, many perceive that HotS let be a handful of improvements endorsed by a brutal marketing campaign, but think so is just as wrong as forgetting that beyond its nature add-on hides much more content to that which offer us titles that most We find today in stores.

Being frank, the attitude one adopts in addressing HotS is a bit like formality, to update the note that server I hulled you three years ago. Critic arremanga at the computer with some skepticism, but – and here is the secret of the formula of Blizzard-shortly after entering their world, especially if he had left it momentarily, return to marvel at this great chess of the 21st century which is the war between Terrans, Zergs and Protoss.

In singleplayer mode, Heart of the Swarm includes a campaign consisting of the 27 missions of fantastic design that put us in the always difficult zerg skin, all to learn about the history of the brightest of the characters in the saga, Sarah Kerrigan, Queen of blades. A long campaign (about 15-20 hours not counting repetitions) where each mission plays its role both as a tutorial to learn new mechanics, as arcade based on the self-improvement and the incentive of the reward challenge. Also accompany some production values that are once again at the height of what is usual Blizzard, where especially amazing sequences that we will witness between missions and a general packaging which, as already we aim in the WoL website, this “expansion” becomes a round product like few others.

On the other hand, the multiplayer, the place where StarCraft acquires its true resonance as a game, in the purest sense, has not changed at all their bases, but is now plagued by minor changes whose sum gets renewed the permanence of the game in the Olympus of the multis for a few more years. With the news that brings expansion remains without rival in terms of benefits and services, but is also many of them, such as the improvement of the system which classifies players in leagues, or new forms of training, we have included with the objective of opening the game to more players and attract new if possible – and despite the obstacles involving the condition of expansion for this purpose. If this wasn’t enough, there are bait for the professional player in the form of new units that surely will originate a turn towards items most tactical and aggressive, as well as new features for groups and clans.

In the coming months will have to be very attentive to how the e-sports community welcomes these developments, especially once the logical enthusiasm of the beta and the release of the game has disappeared. Actually, many of these had already been included in the latest updates of the game, but the launch of HotS has given them the visibility that perhaps had not had until now. Most new things seem to be focused to expedite items thanks to a rebalancing of the production cost of some units, for example the Terran Reaper, which now can be trained more quickly, the incorporation of units with useful skills as Viper Zerg and its ability to temporarily blind the enemy, or the fast Oracle Protoss, perfect to spy on the basis of our opponent and put an end to their workers.

heart of the swarm strategy

It seems that we will see more rapid skirmishes by the three races and not only by the Zerg. The Terrans, for example, easier to control race and often the most criticized by the upper echelons, now have a more tactical component in the sense that their new units, the Infernal bat and the widow mine, are especially useful for players who are actually working from a more physical than strategic point of view, i.e.for those players able to skilfully manage units separately in the midst of the battles more busy.

It is curious to see how increasingly it is differentiating more multiplayer campaign from a mechanical point of view. This time the singleplayer missions include some touches of MOBA in the form of heroic units and fights against bosses, something that is nothing new in Blizzard – Hello Warcraft III! – but I suspect has to do with that other game whose initials give a little laugh, and especially with this fiance Blizzard ALL-STARS that soon we should know more things.

Also presence in the campaign of a large number of missions against the clock, more surprising that in the former, which always work very well. Get with the basis of an RTS StarCraft has succeeded in a campaign so varied and addictive is very commendable. The missions that we range from infecting a space Cruiser from a small larva, up to the typical mission that requires us to press F2 to launch all our army’s coup against the enemy. Infect and destroy are two qualities that define the Zerg race protagonist getting here to win even his detractors. Of the well-worked is progression depends on the feeling of power that the player has to send an army of cockroaches hungry against our enemy, something that Blizzard knows very well dosed during the campaign and that frankly is most rewarding feelings that can give you this medium.